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Pokémon MegaButton #8

2009-03-02 13:57:31 by Meweon

hey readers of my project, im here with another loading of one! schools been started today, vacation is over (sad face :P)
so i pick up the work again and work like bear, Sophie too ofcourse :D


Cat333Pokemon - Giratina
Pokémon Elite 2000
Sophie Davies, for choosing all 4 Pokémon :)

PS, im thinking of a collab on this acc between me and Sophie... idk why but im just thinking... u all say it....

Should i collab on this acc?
winner: YES =)


Pokémon MegaButton #8


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2009-03-05 09:47:46

I collab on my account all the time, if it helps get work done faster, why not? I say yes.

Meweon responds:

yay :)
ty Maestro, ur i tink the only one who is actually nice and votes :)

thnx for ur vote


2009-03-05 19:09:46

Hey, Mew!

A collab sounds cool.

Meweon responds:

ur voting on yes too? awsome man


PS: Poll closed over 3 days