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Pokémon MegaButton #10

2009-03-17 14:42:27 by Meweon

hey all, we got a new submission for the project :), we got sometin to celebrate tho, cuz this is the 10th (!!!!!) submission in the project =)
still were working hard (oh?)

nah, hope u will find this one is nice too


Rammstein - Amerika (no, this time no NG..)
Pokémon Elite 2000

Pokémon MegaButton #10


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2009-04-08 17:28:04

You left a review for thing thing 3, "Never play as full skully"
Just curious because that is my character selection everytime.

Meweon responds:

well, if u play as Skully, and change to other clothes, u are not able to change clothes and u get Flashing Hands bug :(