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i love it, its awsome, but its to short =(
seriously, i love it more if u make him longer =)
keep up the good work


somethin scares the fuck out of me when i listen this version of the song =P
and i think its sayin ''plum'' the whole time =S
anyway, good job and keep up the good work

MaestroRage responds:

o_o Do you have a phobia of plums?
Heehee, there is something haunting in this melody, I've discovered. I think it's just the song that's a little on the spooky side. Thanks for listening!
With love,
Mandi <3


actually i give u a 9.5 cuz at guitar u cant hear the voices from Arsenic =( but actually that makes it epic.... so i give u actually a 9.75 O=)
good job for remixin the big hit from Arsenic, and keep up the good work


i can image now in the first section that ppl walk with a dead body....
at last they bury it in the earth and forget it..
keep up the good work


hmm i agree with the guy under me, it reminds me with a dance and music =)
first i heard i thought: WTF?!, who r the other voices anyway.. r those ur voices mixed together? if it so is, it is beautiful
keep up the good work

MaestroRage responds:

Heehee, it is nice to dance to, indeed. All of the voices are mine though. =) It's an Arsenic Choir, WOAH! Thanks for listening@
With love,
Mandi <3


reminds me of entering Uxie's cave first.. he helped me in the Poké League >=)
keep up the good work


i discover another sick making instrument =/ hears like the viola or somethin...
i also heard the sound of KRIKETOT =D
though pls fix the sick making sound, only that and its perfect (i hope)
keep up the good work


disappointing... the viola (or whatever u call it in english) was kinda sick making =(
if u edit it by other sound it may be better.. nothing bad about it.
keep up the good work


nice, remembers me of how i fought hard against Primal Dialga and losed often... then i had kick-ass idea's to go collect as many reviver seeds as i can... and train the fuck out, after all that i won and peace was everywhere =P
cool for reminding me of that... pls make the Darkrai Theme from Mystery Dungeon too
keep up the good work


i loved how u changed the leaf to harmonica (or is it still leaf?)
i saw the movie 2 times... 2 times i enjoyed listening to it.
reminds me of my good times with my dog.. =(
keep up the good work....

Cat333Pokemon responds:

What happened to your dog?

I changed the leaf to a harmonica.

is working on a Pokémon project =) look my news for it

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