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Pokémon MegaButton project start

2009-02-20 11:14:21 by Meweon

teehee, my start with my second Pokémon project...
was not easy... especially with Cranidos =P
BUT its worthy to do.... with PNG it is better quality, thats why u need to save Pokémon with PNG

hope u like my new project start....

Pokémon MegaButton project start

Madnezz Paint drawn pic =P

2009-02-19 10:01:30 by Meweon

look... i made that :P
made it at school too, but there on paper i did better on the body..... (seriously, sometimes jpg make names look better.... look at the name ''Krinkels'' i wrote with my mouse :P
now i posted this, i think i go play Eudemons Online or something....

c yah

Madnezz Paint drawn pic =P

Madnezz Scene

2009-02-02 14:14:22 by Meweon

srry for bad screeny, all bcuz the JPG... u should be happy with this cuz the GIF one sucks even more =O
if Tom ever read this, then he must add PNG too, GIF and JPG sucks. Get PNG >=(
anyway, this game rocks...


Madnezz Scene


2009-01-27 15:44:17 by Meweon

srry guys.... just had to do this lol roflmao =D

but as this picture says; i love Bitey!!



2009-01-03 16:34:50 by Meweon

i had some good maked music on my computer, but when i search for it now, i never can find it =(
mayb is it deleted, but it makes me sad


2008-12-08 06:32:05 by Meweon

yesterday me got hacked by someone on Eudemons Online, whats make it most sad, is that my gf almost everytime is online, my good stuff is gone and my 10* Mount is gone ='(